We continue to be open for Sunday Service with prevailing health & safety measures in place. Currently the province-wide lockdown restrictions limit our capacity to 15 percent of our seating capacity. This presents a new pre-cautions to ask the congregation to apply to pre-register weekly starting April 11, 2021. On the FBCI website this will appear as a new menu selection item titled "Pre-Register" to the far left of the top menu header.

The congregation will continue to be screened upon entry through the North & South Towers entry ways prior to admittance through the Narthex to the sanctuary.

The children will be screened prior to admittance to the lower Fellowship Hall via separately designated entrance to attend their BLAST program running con-currently while the congregation attends the worship service upstairs in the Sanctuary. Please contact Youth Co-ordinator for further directions: brandon.kamerman@fbcingersoll.org