We continue to be open for Sunday Service with prevailing health & safety measures in place. Currently the province-wide lockdown restrictions limit our capacity to 15 percent of our seating capacity. This presents a new pre-cautions to ask the congregation to apply to pre-register weekly starting April 11, 2021. On the FBCI website this

Headline 2021-02, To join us 'Live' online.

Go to our website (fbcingersoll.com) and click on the “Live” menu at the top of the page. Or you can go https://www.fbcingersoll.com/live/ If you are not able to connect, there’s a link just below the video stream that will take you to an alternate stream on our website.  Alternatively. click on the
As a community of believers we know our God is in control and we have nothing to fear, we have his peace that goes with us. I would encourage you to pray, pray for each other, pray for our country...in fact the world, pray for those who have contracted this deadly virus.First Baptist Church Ingersoll sanctuary / place of worship is being