Partners in Mission: Nate & Sarah Montgomery 

Mission Aviation Fellowship, 

Serving in Kampala, Uganda, DR Congo

Sarah & Nathan grew up in Forest, Ontario. Sarah was raised in a strong Christian family and accepted Christ at age 11. During her teenage years she was able to serve on a short-term mission team for 2 weeks and through this experience, she began to see that God was preparing her heart to serve Him.

Nathan, while attending a mission's conference at 17 years old, felt God's call to mission work with MAF.  This call helped guide his decision to pursue a career in aircraft maintenance. Following high school he attended Centennial College, graduating in 2000. In August 2000 Sarah and Nathan were married and Nathan embarked on completion of his apprenticeship working for a commercial operator and became an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Sarah and Nathan devoted themselves to sponsoring the Youth of First Baptist Church Ingersoll in their honeymoon years and left a lasting impression by discipling & forming the awareness of Christ in lives of many teenagers during their time of fellowship with us. With their four daughters Hannah, Jasmine, Aliyah and Lauren they started their journey with MAF in 2014 and began their first term of service in August 2015. 

Nathan continues to provide maintenance on Aircraft out of the DRC hanger in Kampala, Uganda, while Sarah takes care of the children, volunteers at a local school and supports the surrounding community in various ways. Please remember to support them in prayer, finance and spiritual needs as they serve on this front-line with MAF.