A message from Pastor Trevor, On behalf of the leadership board: Dec. 22, 2020

Hi all,

Yesterday, Premier Doug Ford announced that the province of Ontario is going into lock-down starting Dec 26th for 28 days. This requires people to be at home as much as possible to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Essential services are available but social gatherings are not permitted. Our church, disappointed as we are, is following the guidelines. We feel it's important to help keep our congregants and community safe and to be an example.

Starting Sunday Dec 27, 2020, we will NOT have in-person worship services for the duration of the lockdown. Instead, we will continue to live-stream on Facebook and Zoom. Our service will start at 10:30am, Kiley will be joining me.

However, we are going ahead with our Christmas Eve service. All the required safety measures, mask, physical distancing, hand sanitizing, contact tracing will be expected.


Pastor Trevor Whittingham

per First Baptist Church, Leadership Board


About individuals designated to support weekly Live Worship Broadcasts:


  1. We encourage you to bring your own mask; we can offer a mask if you do not have one.
  2. Hand sanitizers and wipes will be available.
  3. All surfaces and high-touch areas will be sanitized before and after the service.
  4. Avoid using the bathrooms, but if you must, the single bathroom upstairs next to the sanctuary will be available.
  5. We have asked Kiley to play several songs that he is singing solo un-masked.
  6. Please avoid lingering following the broadcast to limit potential exposure / spread.
  7. Read on-site signs with updated facility information.